‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler: Showrunners Confirm Show will Spoil the Books (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones producers Dan Weiss and David Benioff just confirmed what many TV viewers and book readers have been speculating for some time now: the TV series will pass the books, but will ultimately end at the same place (at some point in the distant future).

In other words: the Game of Thrones TV show will spoil the ending of the books that don’t exist yet. Bravo!

It’s about damn time the TV series spoiled what will happen in the books. The Internet has been a gigantic landmine of A Song of Ice and Fire spoilers for four years and this is just karma at work.

Author George R.R. Martin is still writing the sixth book The Winds of Winter and that probably won’t be finished when the next season of Game of Thrones comes around next year. And then he has one more book after that! The series just can’t wait. Season 5 premieres this April on HBO.

Speaking at the Oxford Union, Benioff said:

Luckily, we’ve been talking about this with George for a long time, ever since we saw this could happen, and we know where things are heading. And so we’ll eventually, basically, meet up at pretty much the same place where George is going; there might be a few deviations along the route, but we’re heading towards the same destination. I kind of wish that there were some things we didn’t have to spoil, but we’re kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. The show must go on … and that’s what we’re going to do.

You can watch the full panel here, which also includes Kit Harrington and John Bradley:

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'Game of Thrones' Spoiler- Showrunners Confirm Show will Spoil the Books (VIDEO)

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