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Here’s the video recap from Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2: “Dark Wings, Dark Words” on HBO.

Previously on Game of Thrones…

Synopsis: Game of Thrones 3×2 3×02 ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words’ – Shae asks Tyrion for a favor; Sansa tries not to crack under pressure; Jaime finds a way to while away the hours; Arya has an encounter with the Brotherhood Without Banners. Original Air Date: Apr 7, 2013 on HBO.


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Rickey’s Recap

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2

Much like the first episode this season, the second episode of Game of Thrones had more and more narrative without a definitive ending. And like last week, I was left with a feeling of wanting more — the hour again seemed too short. There wasn’t any overall arc, just a lot of mini stories. This seemed deliberate, and as a viewer, I understand that this must be leading to an awesome conclusion when this season is over.

There were two significant cast introductions this week:

1. “Queen of Thorns” Lady Olenna played by the awesome Diana Rigg. I haven’t read the books so I this was the first time I saw this character. I think she’s awesome. Lady Olenna was able to get the “truth” out of Sansa Stark finally in describing her feelings about Joffrey to anyone — the first time we have seen Sansa open up in three seasons. That’s significant.

I am still unsure if the Tyrells will betray Sansa with this information, but it looked like a bigger plan was afoot as Margaery Tyrell was in full manipulation mode around Joffrey. So much foreshadowing if I am reading these scenes correctly.

2. Jojen and Meera Reed. I have not Googled their characters much for fear of getting more information than I need, but Jojen in particular formed an affinity with Bran Stark when the Reeds found them in the forest.

Jojen and Bran it turns out can communicate with animals (a skill which was cleverly explained in a scene with Jon Snow north of the Wall).

Later, Rickon ran off with only the direwolves to protect him — which to be honest was a bit weird — no one was worried for this child? They just let him go like that? Will we actually see him again? Anyway…

Speaking of Jon Snow, the most significant part of his story came from a scene with Lady Catelyn Stark and Talisa. Catelyn explained that there were two events where she prayed to the gods for intervention: when Bran fell and needed to be healed (it was partial since Bran lived but can’t walk) and when Jon Snow had the pox. She prayed that Jon be healed and that she would accept him as her own in exchange. However, she wasn’t able to fulfill her part as she couldn’t love Jon after he was cured. She blamed all the bad things that have happened to her family on that one failing: that she couldn’t love another mother’s child. Great twist.

More stuff:

Arya Stark encountered the Brotherhood Without Banners. They don’t anything to her and her party, but then the Brotherhood catches the Hound who then reveals that Arya is a Stark.

Theon Greyjoy was tortured by unknown men. But a messenger from his sister was going to help him escape.

Lady Brienne and Jaime Lannister continue on their roadtrip. They encounter a villager who didn’t recognize them. Jaime suggests to Brienne that they kill him just in case, but she says that man is just an innocent bystander. Later, Jaime somehow gets a hold of Brienne’s second sword and the two fight on a bridge. The fight is stopped as men loyal to Robb Stark arrive on horseback. The villager turned out to have recognized them after all and had tipped the soldiers so he could get a reward.

Next week looks like more of the same as far as story development — which again, I don’t mind since there is so much going on. I didn’t feel bored and there’s just enough little bits to keep the excitement going. Just a couple more episodes like this though because halfway through the season, the fans might get restless if the story just goes in a straight line instead of hills and valleys.

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