Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 10 – Video Recap – Valar Morghulis

After last week’s action-packed episode of Game of Thrones, the Season 2 finale tied up some loose ends, though most of it was a setup for different storylines leading to Season 3.

The dragons are back. Jon Snow is back. And the icy zombie apocalypse is coming to Westeros.

The recap and review of Episode 10: “Valar Morghulis”:

King’s Landing

A gloating Maester Pycelle wakes up Tyrion Lannister telling him that Lord Tywin Lannister has defeated Stannis Baratheon, and Tyrion is no longer the Hand of the King.

In the throne room, King Joffrey Baratheon declares Lord Tywin the new Hand of the King. Lord Baelish – for brokering the alliance with House Tyrell – is given the castle of Harrenhal. Ser Loras Tyrell is granted one wish by Joffrey for being a crucial ally during the war.

Loras requests that King Joffrey marry Lady Margaery Tyrell so that their houses may be joined. (OMG I can’t believe this happened).

Joffrey is hesitant because he had made a vow to the gods to marry Sansa Stark (who looks on from the balcony). However, Queen Cersei says that Ned Stark was a traitor, and Maester Pycelle says the gods have freed him from any vows he had made before Ned Stark’s betrayal.

Joffrey agrees to marry Margaery.


Sansa walks away with a smile of relief on her face, but then immediately puts on her sad face when Lord Baelish comes over to talk to her.

“I’ll help you get home,” he says after suggesting the Joffrey will not let her go easily even if he’s now marrying Margaery.

“King’s Landing is my home now,” she answers.

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(This I thought was a great revelation of Sansa’s character. For two whole seasons, she was portrayed as a weak-willed character unlike her younger sister Arya. But the look of relief on her face (I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile on this show ever), and then her subsequent return to “character” when talking to Baelish suggests that she knows more than what she is trying to let people know. She probably didn’t trust the Hound enough last episode when he offered to bring her back to Winterfell, which I can understand. Hopefully she doesn’t trust Baelish either. She has not trusted anyone fully during her time at King’s Landing and she shouldn’t.)

Meanwhile, Varys makes his rounds as the changing of the guards at King’s Landing continue. He enlists one of Baelish’s whores (and one time Tyrion whore) Ros to be his spy. Then he delivers bad news to Tyrion Lannister who is recovering from his wounds from battle in a tiny room. He reveals that a soldier was ordered by Queen Cersei to kill him, but he was saved by his squire Pod. Bronn had also been relieved of his duty as head of the gold cloaks, the Hill tribesmen have left and that Varys himself must disassociate with Tyrion, now that he is no longer the Hand of the King.

Before leaving, Varys says that some people will never forget what Tyrion has done to win the war, and in parting, lets him see Shea. She removes Tyrion’s bandages and we see the scar across his face. She tells Tyrion that they should leave for Pentos. But he says the he likes “playing the game” at King’s Landing with his family. She promises to stay with him.


Jaime Lannister continues to taunt Lady Brienne as she escorts him to King’s Landing. They discover three dead women hanged by the roadside. Brienne ties Jaime to a tree to give the women a proper burial, but Northern soldiers arrive. One of the soldiers reveals that two of the women had “quick deaths.”

Both Brienne and Jaime try to hide their true purpose and identities, but one of the soldiers recognizes Jaime. When one of them forces them to say Jaime’s name in unison, Brienne is forced to engage them. She kills two quickly.

“Two quick deaths,” she says before killing the third one slowly.

“Those were Stark men,” Jaime tells her coyly.

“I don’t serve the Starks. I serve Lady Catelyn. I told you I will take you to King’s Landing and that’s what I am going to do.”

She then gives the three women a proper burial.


“I love her,” Robb Stark tells his mother Catelyn Stark, referring to Talisa Maegyr whom he had sex with two episodes ago.

Catelyn tries to make him change his mind because he is arranged to marry one of the daughters of Walder Frey. She says that she had an arranged marriage with Ned, and that their love became stronger as time went by. Robb doesn’t listen and tells her that she is not in the position to call him reckless (she did release Jaime Lannister a few episodes ago).

That night, Robb marries Talisa.


Stannis Baratheon is filled with regret over listening to Melisandre that he would be victorious.

“If you see so much in you flames why didn’t you warn me?” he says.

She asks why he would quit a war just because he lost one battle.

“You will be king,” she says. “Let me show you.”

The both stare at a flame together. Whatever Stannis saw, he is excited.


“I will kill that horn blowing cunt!” tells Theon Greyjoy to Maester Luwin, referring to the horns taunting him from outside the castle walls.

Winterfell is surrounded by bannermen sent by Robb Stark, and there are only 20 Ironborn in the castle to defend Theon. His father has not sent help.

Luwin suggests that Theon join the Night’s Watch where he cannot be prosecuted. There are tunnels underground which he can use to escape.

“You’re not the man you’re pretending to be,” says Luwin.

“I’ve gone too far to pretend to be anything else,” says Theon.

He then gives a passionate speech to his soldiers, to fight to the death. When he finishes, his right hand man Dagmer Cleftjaw knocks him out. Dagmer tells the Ironborn they are going home and tie up Theon.

Luwin arrives seeing what happened and Dagmer spears him through the stomach. (NOOOOOOOOOO!)

Game of Thrones  Season 2 Episode 10  Video Recap  Valar Morghulis 06 2012 06 04

Later, Osha, Hodor, Bran and Rickon emerge from the crypts. The castle has been razed. They find a dying Luwin at the Godswood. He refuses their help for medication. He tells them to head north to the wall and meet Jon Snow just in case the Ironborn come back. Away from the boys eyes, Luwin tells Osha to give him a quick death. (NOOOOOOOO!)

Osha, Hodor, Bran and Rickon head out while Winterfell is burning in the background.


Arya, Hot Pie and Genry leave Harrenhal and they discover that Jaqen H’ghar had been following them. He tells Arya that if she wants to be like him, she needs to travel across the narrow sea to Braavos with him. That way she can learn the way of the Faceless Man and offer the list of names she has on her bucket list (Joffrey, Tywin, etc.) to the Red Gods. Arya however decides not to since she needs to find her family (even her sister).

He gives her a coin and instructs her that if she ever needs him again, all she needs to do is give it to any man from Braavos and say “Valar Morghulis.”

Before leaving, Jaqen changes his face to someone else.

House of the Undying

Daenerys arrives at the House of the Undying with Jorah Mormont and Kovarro to look for her dragons. There is no door. She circles around with Jorah following him, and as soon as he loses sight of her, she is gone.

Daenerys is now inside and warlock magic make her travel through the Iron Throne Room, the Wall (with snow) and into a Dothraki tent where Drogo and her baby are inside. They have a touching moment, but Daenerys leaves them and finds herself in a room where her three dragons are: red, green and yellow!

Game of Thrones  Season 2 Episode 10  Video Recap  Valar Morghulis 05 2012 06 04

Pyat Pree appears and tells Daenerys that when her dragons were born, their “magic was born again.” It is strongest around the dragons, and the dragons are strongest around Daenerys. She is chained along with her dragons.

“Dracarys,” she tells her dragons. They breathe fire toward Pyat Pree who is consumed in dragonfire. The chains melt and she and the dragons are free! (Holy s____)

Game of Thrones  Season 2 Episode 10  Video Recap  Valar Morghulis 04 2012 06 04

She and her horde go to Xaro’s house where they find him in bed with one of her aides Doreah.

Daenerys opens Xaro’s vault of treasures. There is nothing!

“Thank you for teaching me this lesson,” she tells Xaro.

She locks Xaro and Doreah in the vault — and the horde pillages Xaro’s home to buy a “small ship.”

Frostfang Mountains

Game of Thrones  Season 2 Episode 10  Video Recap  Valar Morghulis 01 2012 06 04

As they are led by the wildlings toward Mance Rayder, Qhorin Halfhand freaks out and fights Jon Snow. The wildlings allow them. Jon kills Qhorin.

“You can tell the Mance, that’s the man who killed Qhorin Halfhand,” says Ygritte to the Lord of Bones.

Jon is freed by the wildlings and Qhroin’s body is burned.

They arrive at their destination — where thousands of wildlings have gathered in a valley.

“Time to meet the King Beyond the Wall,” Ygritte tells Jon.

(Good luck Jon Snow, I hope you succeed in your mission!)

Somewhere else, Dolorous Edd, Grenn and Samwell Tarly are looking for dung for fuel. The horns start sounding… three blasts! They run but Sam gets left behind. He hides behind a rock, as an army of white walkers march by.

Holy crap! It’s Zombie Apocalypse on Ice!

Game of Thrones  Season 2 Episode 10  Video Recap  Valar Morghulis 02 2012 06 04

I love this show! One more year is just too long… waaaaaa.

There were no cliffhangers per se, just milestones to continue from for next season as the status quo has changed:

  • What will happen to Sansa Stark now that she is no longer engaged to Joffrey?
  • What will happen to Tryion Lannister now that he has no power in King’s Landing?
  • What will happen to Arya, now that she’s on a road trip with Hot Pie and Gendry?
  • What will happen to Brienne and Jaime’s road trip?
  • What will happen to Bran and Rickon’s road trip?
  • What will Robb do now that he’s married?
  • What new city will Daenerys plunder in Essos?
  • What will Jon Snow do when he meets Mance Rayder? Will he be part of his army?
  • When will George R.R. Martin finish writing the next book?

One more year folks. I had fun recapping this show. Now time time to watch the season all over again.

Game of Thrones – Season 2 Episode 10 – Valar Morghulis

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