‘Game of Thrones’ Tops Most Pirated Shows of 2013

Game of Thrones Most Pirated Show 2013

Credit: HBO

If you thought the most pirated show of 2013 was Breaking Bad, then you really know nothing Jon Snow. The top spot was secured yet again by Game of Thrones.

Although to be fair, Breaking Bad (4.2 million downloads) did come in second place, followed by The Walking Dead (3.6 million downloads). However, those shows had more viewers than they did downloads, most likely because they’re not on premium cable channels.

This is the second year in a row that Thrones (which had 5.9 million downloads) has secured the top spot, it also broke records for 170,000 people sharing a copy of an episode at the same time.

Just don’t feel bad for them, as director David Petrarca admitted, the high-level of piracy for the HBO show only lends it “cultural buzz.” And Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner says that earning this title gives them more subscribers which he thought was “better than an Emmy.”

We have included the full list of the top ten most pirated shows of 2013 below.

  1. Game of Thrones (5,900,000 estimated downloads vs. 5,500,000 estimated US viewers)
  2. Breaking Bad (4,200,000 estimated downloads vs. 10,280,000 estimated US viewers)
  3. The Walking Dead (3,600,000 estimated downloads vs. 16,110,000 estimated US viewers)
  4. The Big Bang Theory (3,400,000 estimated downloads vs. 20,440,000 estimated US viewers)
  5. Dexter (3,100,000 estimated downloads vs. 2,800,000 estimated US viewers)
  6. How I Met Your Mother (3,000,000 estimated downloads vs. 9,400,000 estimated US viewers)
  7. Suits (2,600,000 estimated downloads vs. 3,520,000 estimated US viewers)
  8. Homeland (2,400,000 estimated downloads vs. 2,380,000 estimated US viewers)
  9. Vikings (2,300,000 estimated downloads vs. 6,000,000 estimated US viewers)
  10. Arrow (2,200,000 estimated downloads vs. 3,240,000 estimated US viewers)
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