‘Game of Thrones’ + ‘Legend of Zelda’ Mashup Opening Credits is Mind-Blowing (VIDEO)

This Game of Thrones and Legend of Zelda mashup opening credits video is mind-blowingly awesome!

It just got me excited for the Legend of Zelda live action series being developed by Netflix. All the possibilities!

Watch “Game of Hyrule” here:


The Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past world map undergoes a Game of Thrones transformation in this epic, CG intro sequence. Netflix should hire us to do the intro for their ‘canceled’ Hyrule romp. I hope you guys like it, and remember: in the Game of Hyrule you win… or you look up the answer to that puzzle online.

'Game of Thrones' + 'Legend of Zelda' Mashup Opening Credits is Perfect (VIDEO)

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