‘Game of Thrones’: George R.R. Martin and HBO considering prequel series

Credit: Dabel Brothers Productions

Credit: Dabel Brothers Productions

Though A Song of Ice and Fire author and Game of Thrones executive producer George R.R. Martin has signed a deal with HBO to develop and produce a new series for the network, there’s been no word on exactly what kind of series the network wishes to develop with the bestselling author, though one could easily guess…

In an interview with IGN, Martin said that the prevailing idea is to adapt his “Dunk and Egg” novellas (which serve as prequel stories to his A Song of Ice and Fire series, upon which Game of Thrones is based) into a television show for HBO. While Martin has floated other possibilities for the TV projects, including a sci-fi series and several different historical shows set in various periods, he seems pretty enthusiastic about tackling the world of Westeros anew.

“I have been writing for a number of years a series of novellas set in the same world, the world of Westeros, but a hundred years earlier, about two characters called Dunk and Egg,” Martin says. “I published three of those novellas, ‘The Hedge Knight,’ ‘The Sworn Sword’ and ‘The Mystery Knight,’ and I have in mind about nine or 10 more novellas about the adventures of Dunk and Egg.”

Martin goes on to say, “So we have been playing with the idea of doing those as prequels. They would be prequels, in a sense, they’re a hundred years earlier but in the same world. They’re somewhat lighter in tone than the main series, a little more adventurous. But my fans love them and I love the two characters too, and it all ties into Westeros history. So maybe that will be what we’ll do.”

When asked, point-blank, by IGN if the novellas were being considered by HBO for a prequel series, Martin said “yes”.

The “Dunk and Egg” novellas are set long before the events of Game of Thrones, to the extent that a potential prequel series would feature no crossover whatsoever with the parent series beyond sharing the same setting and having to do with the descendants of people portrayed in Game of Thrones. The difference in time period between the two series isn’t a matter of years, but of entire generations.

Of course, such a series would help fulfill the audiences’ itch for new episodes set in Westeros and buy Martin some extra writing time if Game of Thrones, the TV show, catches up to A Song of Ice and Fire before Martin finishes writing the last two books in the series. Season 3 is only half of the third book, so he’ll have plenty of time — which means plenty of time for us to wait. Sigh.

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