Gabby Douglas Apologizes After ‘Victim Shaming’ Scandal

Well that was quick. Hours after Gabby Douglas ignited a firestorm on the Internet after victim-shaming teammate Aly Raisman for “dressing provocatively,” the Olympic champion apologized for her comments.

Aly Raisman has publicly accused their team doctor Lawrence G. Nassar for molesting her when she was underage. (Nassar is currently facing criminal charges for molesting other gymnasts).

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On Twitter, Raisman shared a post that women dressing sexy doesn’t give anyone the right to shame or abuse them. This elicited a response from Douglas who essentially victim-shamed her, saying it is women’s “responsibility to dress modestly.” Douglas continued to defend her statements on social media and even fellow gymnast Simone Biles chimed in to condemn her.

A few hours later Douglas apologized. But damage has been done. Can’t have your cake and eat it too Gabby. You clearly said what you said — no one “misunderstood” anything.

I am so disappointed in her but I hope this is a teachable moment. Many women are not aware that misogyny throughout the years have normalized the negative way they see themselves. The time for change is long overdue. No one is ever “responsible” for other people’s actions period.

Here are the relevant tweets:

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