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Fun-Loving Rottweiler Goes Swimming In Public Pool (VIDEO)

Dogs love to swim. But more than that, dogs love to have fun. Hell, who doesn’t? No matter the breed, a dog loves to have a good time. And for proof, you don’t have to look much farther than this rottweiler, who has a total blast swimming in a public pool.

In this video, we meet Brutus Maximus Rottweiler, who’s given free reign to jump in the swimming pool to play with a family of swimmers. Of course, things get a bit chaotic, since the owner has other dogs in the vicinity, resulting in a chase to keep a Pekingese from running off (at least according to the video’s description). But while the chase cuts the video a bit shorter than we’d like, there’s still plenty of Brutus maximum cuteness to go around. You can watch the video below:

Fun-Loving Rottweiler Goes Swimming In Public Pool (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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