Check Out Stills From the ‘Frozen’ Short ‘Frozen Fever’ – PHOTOS

In case you haven’t yet heard the news, the Frozen animated short Frozen Fever is all set to premiere in advance of the live-action Disney film Cinderella on March 13.

To get you shivering in anticipation for the return of the Oscar-winning hit, Disney has released some stills of the 7-minute CGI short which is centered around Anna’s not-so-frozen birthday.

“The gang is back together. And literally it’s like we never went away,” explained Olaf voice actor Josh Gad in an interview with USA Today. “Every day we’re reminded of Frozen in our lives. So it feels like a continuation of a saga that has many parts still untold. It felt like coming home again after a short absence.”

In the short, the screenwriters play around with the more fun side of Elsa as well as what happens when a cold derails her ice powers.

“Elsa doesn’t get a cold in the usual way. She’s special. Surprising things occur that wreak a little havoc,” revealed returning director Jennifer Lee.

As for the brand new song in Frozen Fever? Teased Gad, “If history is any indicator, kids will go nuts.”

No worries though, not everything is new. Said Gad, “We continue this story of these two sisters, who only had each other growing up together. They are still supporting each other. That’s what this is about.”

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