‘Frozen’ Broadway Musical to Boast 12 More Catchy Songs (Sorry Parents)

Get ready world, because come 2017 (or somewhere around there), a dozen more catchy hits from the Frozen franchise will be sung everywhere you go — just in time for you to get the earworm that is “Let it Go” out of your head.

The songs themselves will appear in Broadway’s Frozen musical, which you probably saw coming.

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Credit: Disney

As expected, the brand new tunes will be penned by songsmiths and husband and wife duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez, who won an Oscar for their work on the Disney hit.

No exact word on when the show will premiere on the Great White Way, but sources hinted that it will be hitting the boards in 2017.

Also no information on if the material is brand new or will be appearing in the long-expected sequel Frozen 2: You Can’t Possibly Be Surprised Disney is Making Another Frozen.

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