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Frightened Rescue Dog Comforted By Shared Breakfast with Veterinarian (VIDEO)

After being being treated for dehydration, anemia and a host of other problems, stray puppy Graycie Claire has been staying at the Granite Hills Animal Care facility.

While she’s starting to eat again, it’s been a slow road. Enter veterinarian and hero Dr. Andy Mathis, who shared breakfast with the scared pooch to ease her stress.

“She’s been eating for the past 2 days, but not so comfortably, unless I leave the room,” Mathis said of the video, adding, “So today I decided to sit in the cage with her.”

The video of the duo eating breakfast (the best meal of the day) was an instant success on Facebook.

While Mathis admits “she has a little ways to go before she is ready to start looking for her family,” Graycie will eventually be up for adoption.

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