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Frightened Pit Bull Only Stops Shaking When His Rescuer Sings to Him (VIDEOS)

Fletcher, a six-month old pit bull was rescued in late June. Found with signs of abuse on his body — including scars and cuts — the terrified pooch could not physically stop shaking.

That is until his rescuer sang Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” to the shivering canine.

Explained Stephanie Paluch, who founded the rescue organization Players for Pits and temporarily took in Fletcher, “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen and he’s only six-ish months. All we know is that he is absolutely terrified of people, so our only real guess is that people were not very kind to him.”

Paluch revealed that Fletcher was even more frightened when she took him home from the shelter, probably the only place that had provided him with consistent shelter, food and water.

That is until she sang the Goulding tune to the pooch. “He seemed to relax so I kept it going. And he finally looked at me and smiled,” said Paluch of the experience.

You can watch the transformation of Fletcher from shaking dog (above) to a calmer Fletcher being sung to (below).

Don't mind my voice but this is how we conquered our fear of the car. I love this dog #fletcher #playersforpits

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