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Friendly Baby Deer Is Just As Cute As You’d Expect (VIDEO)

There’s a reason Bambi is one of the cutest Disney characters: baby deer are just intrinsically cute, so it’s only natural they get featured.

In this video, we meet a friendly baby deer who allows visitors to get up close! The deer is from Forest Park in Springfield, MA, and while some might be suspicious of an animal that is this transparently friendly, it’s refreshing to see a forest dweller that isn’t terrified of people. While that attitude puts some animals in danger, we’d like to think this baby deer managed to live an otherwise peaceful life. Either way, this deer is every bit as adorable as you’d expect, so definitely check this out if you’re into cute animals. Watch the video below:

Friendly Baby Deer Is Just As Cute As You'd Expect (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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