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French Bulldog Is World’s Cutest Babysitter! (VIDEO)

Most babies like dogs, and most dogs like babies (at least when they’re not afraid of each other). And when you get to hang out with your best pal, it’s a guaranteed good time. Even if you’re being babysat by that best bud.

Rupert the French Bulldog is the babysitter of the year, assuring his baby brother is safe and has a good time when they hang out together. In this clip, Rupert spins like crazy to keep the baby entertained and happy. It’s an absolutely precious little video, with the baby completely cracking up, and Rupert going totally loony while trying to keep the laughs coming (seriously, poor Rupert looks like he’s going to make himself dizzy!). Watch the cute video below:

French Bulldog Is World's Cutest Babysitter! (VIDEO)

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