Freelusion Terrifies Howie Mandel With Mind-Blowing ‘America’s Got Talent’ Dance (VIDEO)

Freelusion terrified Howie Mandel with a mind-blowing dance routine on America’s Got Talent 10, “Semi-Final 2”!

This was one of the most impressive, ambitious dances of the competition. The group offers a routine with a message of how technology is ruling our lives, but they also use technology to absolutely terrify Howie, as the grand finale has him hiding behind his chair in fear. It’s absolutely awesome stuff.

Watch the mind-blowing performance video below:

Freelusion Terrifies Howie Mandel With Mind-Blowing 'America's Got Talent' Dance (VIDEO)

Judges: Heidi calls it an “impressive undertaking” and lauds them for the underlying message, which is that technology is taking over our lives. However, she wasn’t as impressed with the dancing this time. Still, she called the overall performance “magical”. Mel B loved it, praising their dance technique, and their ambition in stepping it up. Howie says it wasn’t just amazing from a dance perspective, they also used all sorts of special effects, noting that they used a real robot there at the end, it wasn’t a projection. Howie then makes Laura (the female dancer) uncomfortable — or bashful — by noting how sexy she was in that performance, but he closes by stating that if America votes, there’s no way they won’t go through. Howard isn’t as enthusiastic, however, stating that while the visual effects were an A+, the dancing left something to be desired.

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