Freelusion Sizzling ‘America’s Got Talent’ Dance Is Hot as Hell (VIDEO)

Freelusion brought hell on earth to Radio Music Hall in an amazing dance performance on America’s Got Talent on Tuesday.

Love the special effects!

One of my favorite performances of all time in ten seasons of AGT. Great stuff.

Freelusion Sizzling 'America's Got Talent' Dance Is Hot as Hell (VIDEO)

From our live blog:

This was OUTSTANDING. An EDM remix of “Over the Rainbow” plays as DJ and Laura act out a story in which they descend into what looks like Hell. Well, Hell or Mordor. An earthquake comes, and DJ and Laura are separated on different cliff tops. Laura is then swallowed by some malevolent force, prompting DJ to rescue her by swallowing the evil…or something. Laura comes back, dressed in white, and this is an act you’ll really need to see. This is just amazing, and all four judges enthusiastically give them a standing ovation, although it’s a bit of a struggle for Mel B to get up in that dress.

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