Frank Mir Wants Out Of UFC Contract To Fight In K-1

Frank Mir has been one of the biggest stars in UFC, but he’s now trying to find a way out of his contract with the organization in order to go fight in K-1.

While in Russia to provide ACB 48 commentary, Mir gave an interview to about his UFC status ever since losing by knockout to Mark Hunt in the first round at UFC Fight Night 85 back in March.

“I am [still under contract with the UFC] but I am trying to get out of it,” Mir said. “They are not going to utilize me as a fighter, and I am not getting any younger. Even if they do not let me go after my suspension, when I’m up and able to fight again, I really would like to step outside.”

Frank Mir Trying To Get Out Of UFC Contract To Fight In K-1

Source: YouTube

However, Mir is particularly keen on fighting under kickboxing rules before his retirement.

“I never got to do a kickboxing match. I have only fought an amateur boxing match. I want to do a professional boxing match,” Mir said. “You know, I always wanted to test myself and find out different things. Right now, I am being limited in what I’m able to do before I enter full-time coaching. I want more experience in different aspects of the sport.”

To be more specific, Mir notes that he not only wants to switch to professional boxing, he also wants to be able to fight in K-1.

“My goal is to do at least five K-1 rule kickboxing matches, five professional boxing matches before I retire.”

I’m not sure how successful Mir can be, switching over into boxing and kickboxing at age 37. But if anyone could pull it off, I believe Mir probably could. The man has remarkable discipline, and while he hasn’t always come out on the winning end as of late, he’s shown perseverance throughout. So I’ll be rooting for him, even if it means he has to leave UFC to see his dream fulfilled.

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