Fox News And Google Partner For GOP Debate Featuring Megyn Kelly And Donald Trump Face Off

The GOP presidential debate, moderated by Fox News Channel days before the Iowa Caucus, will be live streamed on YouTube on January 28. This will be same format NBC News used for the Democratic debate a few days ago.

YouTube stars will get the opportunity to posts questions to the candidates just like on NBC.

Interestingly, Megyn Kelly will be one of the moderators. Donald Trump attacked her non-stop after the first GOP presidential debate, so this is going to be a must-watch rematch.

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Via Press Release:

Fox News Channel (FNC) announced today that the network will team up with Google to host the upcoming Republican Presidential primary debate held on Thursday, January 28th from 9-11PM/ET in Des Moines, Iowa.

Moderated by Special Report anchor Bret Baier, The Kelly File anchor Megyn Kelly and FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace, the debate will incorporate real-time Google trends and data to determine questions for the candidates. Additionally, several YouTube stars will have the opportunity to pose questions via submitted videos on topics of importance to them.

On the Google Trends homepage, viewers will have the chance to interact with the debate during the telecast. The page will feature real-time insights on candidate search interest, key issues and topics covered throughout the night. Real-time Google Trends will be showcased during the FOX News post-debate analysis. Leading up to January 28th, Google users will have the opportunity to preview the upcoming debate through various content, including a video and election-related search terms.

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