FOX hit ‘Empire’ could lose title due to lawsuit

FOX has been sent a demand letter by Empire Distribution for $5 million for use of the name “Empire” on the hit TV show. FOX in turn has filed a trademark lawsuit asserting that it has rights to use the title on Empire.

From THR:

Fox is suing Empire Distribution, Inc., which is identified as a California corporation that has not only come forward asserting rights to “Empire,” “Empire Distribution” and “Empire Recordings” but has also in a demand letter claimed trademark dilution by tarnishment via a series that features “a label run by a homophobic drug dealer prone to murdering his friends.”


FOX has faced this kind of lawsuit before but in the U.K. with Glee. The judge ruled in favor of the comedy club The Glee Club and ordered Glee to change its name in the U.K.

Empire Distribution has already hired outside counsel. Their website lists artists like, N.O.R.E., Shaggy and Sean Paul. They also control the twitter handle @EMPIRE.

Smart move by FOX for a pre-emptive strike. Also it keeps the buzz going until the next season!

You can read FOX’s lawsuit here:


FOX hit 'Empire' could lose title due to lawsuit

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