‘The Fosters’: Callie Has A Secret in ‘If Only You Knew’ (PREVIEW)

The Fosters is all-new next week, and it’s looking like the legal trouble plaguing Callie will be coming to a head.

As last night’s episode revealed, Callie is now under investigation, presumably for having helped Daphne abduct her child in the Christmas special. Enter Robert Quinn, who steps forward to come to his biological daughter’s rescue. But what will Stef and Lena think when/if they find out the truth? Callie is keeping a secret, and it’s threatening to come out.

Will this jeopardize her standing with the Fosters? Is she considering actually allowing Robert to adopt her? How will Stef and Lena react to Callie’s secret?

Watch the full preview view below:

The Fosters If Only You Knew preview video

'The Fosters' Callie Has A Secret in 'If Only You Knew' (PREVIEW)

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