Formula 3 Crash Is One Of The Scariest You Will Ever See (VIDEO)

Warning: graphic video. A huge three car crash at the FIA Formula 3 European Championship occured on Saturday at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

A car had stopped on the track after spinning on the gravel. Because of the dust cloud two drivers did not see the car and one went flying as it hit. Super scary!

From FOX Sports:

Ryan Tveter’s car had spun and was sitting in the middle of the Austrian track during Race 1 of Round 4 of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship.

He then got ran into from behind by Peter Li Zhi Cong (the driver who goes completely airborne) and Pedro Piquet.

All drivers are survived. Peter Li Zhi Cong was diagnosed with having broken bones in his heel which will require surgery, and four fractured vertebrae, which will not require surgery.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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