Former WWE Star Scott Hall Kicked Out of Airport Bar (VIDEO)

Former WWE star Scott Hall has had a lifelong battle with alcohol and drug abuse, and although it seemed he had gotten clean for a while, it appears he’s had a lapse.

TMZ acquired video of Hall getting kicked out of an airport bar for drunkenness and harassment. According to a witness, the incident occurred on Saturday at an airport Friday’s in Atlanta. Hall had several Coors Lights and tequila shots, and began drunkenly hitting on the bartender, calling her a “bitch”. The bartender’s father spoke up in his daughter’s defense, and it led to an altercation, since Hall didn’t actually believe the man was the bartender’s father. Police eventually responded, and were able to calm the situation upon recognizing who Hall was. They essentially approached him as fans, which defused the situation. Still, this was a tense moment, and a patron caught most of it on video.

Former WWE Star Scott Hall Kicked Out of Airport Bar (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

This is a pretty sad story, but Hall himself has admitted that sobriety is a process. Some addicts relapse on multiple occasions, while others only lapse once. The old saying is that an addict quits every day. I know this isn’t Hall’s first relapse, but I really do have faith in him, and I’m rooting for him to stay clean. He was one of my favorites growing up, and seeing him working with young talents at the WWE Performance Center on shows like Breaking Ground shows me what a great mind he has for the wrestling business. Here’s hoping this was just a momentary lapse, and he gets back on track.

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