Former WWE Star Rob Van Dam Asks Fans To Help Sabu (VIDEO)

Former WWE star Rob Van Dam is asking wrestling fans to help his close friend and ex-tag team partner, Sabu.

Apparently, Sabu is badly in need of hip surgery, but he can’t afford the steep medical bills. Sabu was against the crowdfunding idea, but RVD and some of Sabu’s other friends created a GoFundMe page anyway. In addition to hip surgery, Sabu is dealing with shoulder problems and back pain, resulting in the former ECW champion suffering from a constant limp, to say nothing of his lack of sleep due to the pain. Naturally, with this surgery, Sabu is hoping to get back into ring condition, so he can continue to accept independent bookings. Despite being 53-years-old, Sabu wants to keep wrestling for as long as possible. So far, the crowdfunding page has raised $2,083 of the $50,000 goal in just one day.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page by clicking here. And you can watch RVD’s emotional video below:

Former WWE Star Rob Van Dam Asks Fans To Help Sabu (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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