Former WWE Star Rants On Randy Orton Gym Confrontation

Earlier this week, Randy Orton had an unpleasant confrontation with a fan at a gym in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in which the fan called Orton out for not giving him an autograph. Basically, the fan, named Anthony Martin, implied that Orton owes him because the fans pay his bills. Needless to say, it’s prompted a huge response from colleague of Orton, including Lance Storm, who stuck up for Orton’s decision to shun the man by noting that Martin was being rude and entitled.

Now, former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is taking a shot at Martin and sticking up for Orton, on the latest episode of his podcast, X-Pac 12360. In particular, Waltman notes that while he is immensely thankful to fans for their support over the years, it isn’t fair to the performers for fans to act entitled, as though the wrestlers owe the fans anything more than the performance they paid for on the given night. It’s interesting stuff, and you can check out the quotes below:

“Anthony Martin, go f*** yourself! You know, I mean, people have headphones on when they’re in the gym and other places for a reason. Because they don’t want to f***ing talk to anyone! I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but I know it’s coming off that way. But you know there’s these things called boundaries. They’re like an imaginary line, and you f***ing crossed it. Sorry! I know some people are thinking I’m the dick right now for saying it like that.”

Former WWE Star Rants On Randy Orton Gym Confrontation

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Waltman continued, noting how unfair Martin was being in his approach:

“Apparently this guy must think that he pays Randy Orton’s bills directly. I’m sure he writes the f***ing check and sends it to the power company and to the mortgage company. Let me explain something to you. As far as my take on that whole ‘We pay your f***ing bills s***…This is just my feelings on it. I am so grateful for every one of you out there. So grateful for your support and coming out. Even if you can’t afford a ticket or couldn’t throughout the years, but just invested your time into watching us. That even makes a difference. That moves the ratings up and puts more money in our pockets. Yes, so grateful. But on the flip side of that, we go out there and destroy our bodies, okay? It’s not just for the fans, although that’s a huge part of it. There’s the glory and, you know, and just all of the other things that come along with it. But, it’s a fair trade. Even Steven. Nobody owes anyone s***, okay? It’s all about gratitude. And I’m so grateful. But if somebody puts that in my face and tells me they pay my bills, f*** you.”

I don’t disagree with Waltman, honestly. I don’t think a wrestler owes me anything but the performance he gives on the night I pay to see him. And even then, things come up. If he’s injured or under the weather, the only thing I’m really entitled to is either a refund or a reasonable replacement on the card. But the price of a ticket or a pay-per-view, or a Network subscription, or a piece of that wrestler’s merchandise doesn’t entitle me to come up to him during his alone time at the gym and bug him for an autograph. Hopefully, fans are a bit more respectful of boundaries in the future. There’s a time and a place to respectfully approach your favorite wrestler, and the gym probably isn’t it.

Anyway, you can listen to the full podcast by downloading it here.

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