Former WWE Star Goldberg Claims MMA Fighters Want To Be Pro Wrestlers

MMA fans occasionally rip on pro wrestling for being a predetermined combat sport. But one former WWE star claims MMA and pro wrestling have more in common than it seems.

Former WWE star Bill Goldberg joined the Ringer Wrestling Podcast with David Shoemaker to talk about his return to WWE in the WWE 2K17 video game, but the podcast quickly turned to a discussion about the similarities between pro wrestling and MMA. In particular, Goldberg noted how MMA fighters clearly want to be pro wrestlers, whether they want to admit it or not.

“All those guys wanna be us. All the fighters wanna be in professional wrestling, I don’t care what they say. There’s a huge parallel in it and [MMA fighters] very much appreciate [pro wrestlers] and, conversely, we very much appreciate what they do.”

Former WWE Star Goldberg Claims MMA Fighters Want To Be Pro Wrestlers

Screengrab (Credit: WWE)

Of course, Goldberg was also very complimentary towards MMA fighters, since he isn’t exactly trying to call anyone out here.

“Those are the real tough guys, all we do is act like we’re doing it sometimes. Whether it’s being over at Dynamite in Japan in the late ’90s or being at the UFC events, I’m a huge fan of what they do and I thought it would translate well in the wrestling world. I got lucky and less is more — go out there and head-butt a couple people and put your shoulder through their chest and call it a night.”

I don’t think Goldberg is wrong, in the sense that guys like Chael Sonnen were very much influenced by professional wrestling, to such a degree that I think he’d be a major crossover star if he ever chose to go to WWE, even in a limited role. Granted, there are just as many wrestlers who appear to want to be MMA fighters, such as CM Punk. The showmanship, the spectacle, the over-the-top promos, the rivalries, and the larger-than-life characters illustrate the similarities that exist between the two brands, even if their differences are most evident between the bells.

But what do you think of Goldberg’s opinion? Do you agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments!

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