Former WWE Star Catches Heat for Comments About Cody Rhodes

Former WWE Tag Team Champion and current Lucha Underground star P.J. Black (who wrestled in WWE as Justin Gabriel) is catching heat from fans over some controversial remarks he made on Twitter two days ago. The subject? Cody Rhodes, the second generation talent who decided to leave WWE last month to further his craft on the independent circuit.

Apparently, Black made a crack about how no one looks forward to seeing Rhodes run-in on a match. Black supposedly meant it only as a joke, since he’d have been colleagues with Rhodes during his time in WWE. However, fans lashed out against Black for the remarks, prompting him to fire back in the way most wrestlers tend to on Twitter — by calling them “smarks”. Check out the tweets below, and judge how serious Black was/wasn’t with his comments:

Former WWE Star Catches Heat for Comments About Cody Rhodes

Source: YouTube

I could see how Black would have meant his comments as a joke, but I don’t think he can be all that upset with fans for taking it the wrong way. Your average fan doesn’t know what kind of relationship he and Rhodes had, so for all anyone knows, Black was sincere in dissing the guy. Either way, I really wish wrestlers would stop falling back on the words “smarks” or “marks” as derogatory terms towards fans. It’s every bit as reductive and childish as anything you might find on Twitter, except it’s coming from grown-ass men. Of course, if fans don’t like what they read on their feed, they can always just unfollow Black. So I guess there are issues on both sides of this little spat.

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