Former WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Reportedly In Talks With TNA

Alberto Rodriguez, the former WWE star Alberto Del Rio, may be returning to wrestling in the United States pretty soon.

Rodriguez is reportedly in talks with TNA, in a deal that could see him arrive in the company as early as this spring. As of this week, no official deal has been made, but both sides are apparently still discussing a potential arrangement.

TNA will be taping the next several weeks of TV this week, so if he doesn’t appear at the tapings, the earliest we can expect Rodriguez is in March for the next set of TV tapings. On the one hand, that’s plenty of time for TNA to put this deal together. And yet, it’s also plenty of time for this deal to fall apart. Rodriguez doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who really needs to be in pro wrestling, especially now that he’s the president of Combate Americas, the first Hispanic MMA franchise.

Former WWE Star Alberto Del Rio Reportedly In Talks With TNA

Source: YouTube

But if Rodriguez wants to wrestle in the United States, TNA makes at least as much sense for him as, say, Lucha Underground. In fact, you could argue TNA makes even more sense, since they’d presumably take anybody who was even half the star Rodriguez was in WWE. Even with his reputation for no-showing or getting into violent altercations, Rodriguez would still be a solid hand to have on the roster, provided he doesn’t bring any of his usual problems with him. And that’s a big “if”, I would imagine.

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