Former WWE Diva Melina Speaks Out on Rumors She's 'Extremely Difficult'

Former WWE Diva and Women's Champion Melina was signed on for Season 2 of Lucha Underground alongside boyfriend Johnny Mundo. However, she was replaced by Taya Valkyrie when she allegedly proved "extremely difficult" to work with.

But Melina is fighting against the accusations, claiming that she simply wanted to join Lucha Underground in order to be around the business she loves -- well, and the person she loves. However, according to Melina, the company didn't want to put her together with Johnny Mundo, because it would have been a retread of their WWE pairing as John Morrison and Melina. Her Twitter explanation is actually pretty interesting, in that she kind of has a point about how effective her heel character has been if people still view her as this miserable diva (and not in the WWE sense). But you have to wonder if there's validity to these claims if so many different parties in separate companies have made claims about her being difficult. It's hard to know, one way or the other. But for now, you can read Melina's Twitter rant below:

Former WWE Diva Melina Speaks Out on Reports She's 'Extremely Difficult'
Credit: WWE

You know, if Lucha Undergound didn't want to put her with Mundo due to it being a retread of their WWE act, that's actually a savvy decision on their part. On the one hand, why sign Melina at all if you're not going to cash-in on the WWE familiarity by saddling her with a similar act? On the other hand, signing her is pointless if you're just going to repeat what she did in WWE, particularly since there was a clear ceiling with the Morrison/Melina act. Better to let the performers go in new directions. I like Melina, and I've actually missed her quite a bit in WWE, so I'm hoping she gets the chance to actually ply her craft somewhere.

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