Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins Recovering Ahead of Schedule (VIDEO)

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is currently on the injured list after blowing out his knee in a match against Kane earlier this month. This has left WWE in dire straits, as Rollins is the latest in a long line of superstars who are currently on hiatus, with Randy Orton suffering a shoulder injury and John Cena leaving to go film a reality show for FOX.

However, it appears Rollins might not be gone for as long as doctors initially projected. WWE posted a video of Seth’s recovery on Thanksgiving Eve, showing how he is rehabbing his knee at Champion Sports Medicine in Brimingham, Alabama. Since then, it appears the prognosis for Rollins has only improved. According to the former champ’s doctor, Rollins is considerably ahead of schedule on his rehabilitation. While it’s not certain just how much time Rollins has chipped off of stay on the injured list, it appears he’s well on his way to a full recovery, and sooner than expected: which is no minor feat, considering the man tore his ACL and MCL. Sure, he’ll likely still miss Wrestlemania, since even the most optimistic timetable puts him in ring shape around mid-to-late Apri/early May. But at this rate, we might still be on track for a Summer of Rollins, if we’re lucky. I know I can’t wait. Nor can Rollins, who declares, “I have great surgeons. I have great people here, taking care of me, and I know we’re doing all the right things to make sure that my recovery is fast, and I can get back in the ring as soon as possible and take my title back.” Hear, hear! Get well soon, champ!

To see how rehab is going for Rollins, watch WWE’s progress video below:

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins Recovering Ahead of Schedule (VIDEO)

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