Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle Wrestles Final Match at TNA UK Tapings (SPOILERS)

Former WWE Champion and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle had his farewell match in professional wrestling as part of the TNA Impact UK television tapings over the weekend.

The event took place in Birmingham, UK, and featured a main event between Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley in what was slated to be Angle’s final match.

According to a TV tapings report from an anonymous source, whose authenticity was later verified by Wrestling Observer/Figure 4 Weekly, Lashley was the winner following a spear on Angle. Of course, there was “lots of back and forth” with Angle putting “the ankle lock on Lashley about 3-4 times.” But the bigger story developments occurred after the match, as Lashley attacked Angle, prompting Drew Galloway to come to the rescue. Lashley laid out Galloway, and then beat down Eddie Edwards, who also came down to help Angle. Finally, Ethan Carter III stormed down to ringside, causing Lashley to flee. Afterwards, Angle delivered an emotional farewell speech, vowing that the fans will see him again one day. It should make for an emotional episode of Impact when it eventually airs.

Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle Wrestles Farewell Match at TNA UK Tapings (SPOILERS)

Credit: TNA Wrestling

Barring WWE bringing him back (which he’s campaigned for in the past), this is it for Angle as an in-ring competitor. Hopefully, he can stay on in an onscreen capacity as an authority figure or even a commentator. But I think his real value would be as an agent or trainer. Perhaps WWE could find use for him at the Performance Center in Florida? I suppose it all depends on how much Angle has changed since he left WWE in 2006, and if the old wounds over how abruptly he left have healed at all. We wish him all the best either way. He’s one of the best performers this industry has ever seen, and his vast in-ring talents will be sorely missed.

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