Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement

Turns out the rumors were true: Daniel Bryan is retiring from in-ring competition in WWE, effective immediately.

Bryan made the announcement on Twitter, and WWE confirmed the news that the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is currently in Seattle for tonight’s Monday Night Raw to make his retirement address. Bryan will then appear on ESPN on Tuesday with former WWE announcer/current ESPN broadcaster Jonathan Coachman to further discuss his retirement.

Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement

Credit: WWE

Bryan has had a laundry list of medical issues ever since becoming a main event in WWE. He had to vacate the world championship due to injury in 2014, and had to vacate the Intercontinental championship a year later for the same reasons. Although Bryan has been cleared by several outside doctors, WWE’s primary physician refuses to clear him due to his longstanding history of concussions. So it looks like this is it for Bryan, unless he plans on going to another company. Either way, it’s been a hell of a run for him in WWE, and it’s a shame it had to end this way. We wish Bryan all the best.

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