Former WWE Champ Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland Cast as Atom-Smasher on ‘The Flash’

On this day! I see clearly! Everything has come to light! Okay, I’ve turned off Edge’s entrance music now. It’s seriously catchy though. And also appropriate to this story, since “The Rated R Superstar” is coming to one of my favorite shows in the world right now…

Former WWE champ Adam “Edge” Copeland has been cast as the Atom-Smasher on The Flash! He’ll make his debut in the season premiere of The Flash, which is filming as we speak. However, unlike his comic book counterpart, he’s not a hero. The CW described his character in detail:

“One of the most powerful enemies we encounter this season, Atom Smasher has come to Central City to kill The Flash. His incredible strength and ability to grow to enormous size makes him more than a match for Flash and the entire S.T.A.R. Labs team will have to come together to find a way to defeat him.”

Former WWE Champ Adam 'Edge' Copeland Cast as Atom-Smasher on 'The Flash'

Credit: WWE

Born Al Rothstein, Atom-Smasher is the grandson of the treacherous Cyclotron, but godson to Al Pratt, the man who was originally The Atom before Ray Palmer adopted the role. It’s unknown if Brandon Routh will crossover from Arrow to appear as Ray Palmer in this story, or if his version of The Atom will factor into this version of Atom-Smasher.

Irrespective of my wrestling fandom, I’m stoked for Edge to appear this season. Copeland is a pretty talented actor, far more so than people have given him credit for, in recent years. He has an impressive resume that includes big-screen roles (Highlander: Endgame, Breaking the Rules) and TV parts (Sanctuary, and Haven, the latter of which offered some of his best work). Copeland has a natural charisma that should make him a thrill to watch in this role. In short, I absolutely can’t wait.

But what do you think of the casting of Adam “Edge” Copeland on The Flash? Sound off in the comments!

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