Former UFC Star Chael Sonnen Signs With Bellator

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen is returning to MMA — but not with UFC. Sonnen has officially signed a multi-fight deal with UFC’s biggest competitor, Bellator.

The 39-year-old Sonnen signed the deal late Thursday, and although no fights have been officially signed just yet, the buzz is already there for his inevitable debut with the company. As a guy who formerly competed for UFC middleweight and light heavyweight championships, he’s certainly got the skills in the octagon to make his run in Bellator run worth watching, provided he passes his drug tests this time. The reason we haven’t seen him fight in the past two years is because of a suspension he incurred as the result of a failed drug test, which has resulted in peers, fans and detractors alike calling his entire career into question.

Of course, this signing is likely to come as a bit of a shock, considering Sonnen announced his retirement after the news of the failed drug test broke. Although he’s been adamant that he wouldn’t return to fight in the octagon, Sonnen is defending the decision to renege, saying, ā€œIā€™m a heel. Heels lie.ā€

I kind of love Sonnen’s pro wrestling-style approach to MMA, as he comes across as an old school wrestling heel in the best possible way. Granted, I don’t know what his drawing power will be after two years, but Sonnen is pretty great at hyping his fights, so I imagine he could drum up interest out of thin air — provided interest isn’t already there. Judging by the reaction this signing has gotten, I would imagine there’s already considerable interest in seeing Sonnen’s return.

Former UFC Star Chael Sonnen Signs With Bellator

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