Ford Strikes Back At Donald Trump Over Mexico Claims

During last night’s U.S. Presidential Debate, Republican nominee Donald Trump threw Ford under the bus for plans that allegedly involve moving small car production to Mexico, which Trump claimed could potentially cost thousands of Americans their jobs. However, Ford is striking back at Trump’s claims, revealing that while manufacture of its small cars is headed to Mexico, no American jobs are actually being lost in the transition.

Ford had remained silent on this for some time, refusing to engage with Trump. But the company has decided now is the time to explain things. Sure, it might be a bit too little, too late, but their series of tweets and responses illustrates that Trump’s narrative is a bit overblown:

Ford Strikes Back At Donald Trump Over Mexico Claims

Source: YouTube

On the one hand, I can appreciate Ford coming clean. But Trump already controls the narrative on this one, so it might be too late to convince some voters that Ford isn’t really moving American jobs to Mexico. I guess we’ll see how this all pans out in the weeks to come, and if Ford’s response becomes ammo for Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate, scheduled for October 9th.

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