Ford Recalls Transit Connect And Focus RS

Ford is recalling two products in separate recall campaigns. The first targets the 2014 Transit Connect, while the other targets the 2013-2017 Focus RS and Focus hatchback.

For the Transit Connect, roughly 900 vans may have defective adhesion on the panoramic roof.

“In the affected vehicles, an improper bond may exist between the panoramic roof and the vehicle body, resulting in wind noise, water leaks and, in some cases, separation from the vehicle,” Ford cautions. “If the entire panoramic roof separates from the vehicle while driving, it can increase the risk of crash or injury.”

Ford Recalls Focus

Source: YouTube

Meanwhile, the Focus RS suffers from an error in programming: basically, the rear hatchback can be unlocked and unlatched with just one press of the latch release inside the car. Federal safety guidelines state that unlocking and unlatching must be completed with two separate motions.

So the vehicles will have to be returned to service technicians to be fixed. Luckily, Ford hasn’t identified any accidents as a result of the defects. But that doesn’t mean these issues aren’t potentially dangerous to consumers. So if you have a 2014 Transit Connect or a 2013-2017 Focus RS, make sure you get the problem taken care of as soon as possible.

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