Ford Recalls 1.5 Million Cars Over Doors Flying Open

The doors are opening for Ford, and in this case, that’s a bad thing.

Ford is expanding a recent recall to add 1.5 million more cars. The vehicles in question suffer from doors that could potentially fly open while on the road. The cars will need to be returned to dealers in order to be repaired. Among included in the recall are:

2013 Ford C-MAX
2014 Ford C-MAX
2015 Ford C-MAX
2013 Ford Escape
2014 Ford Escape
2015 Ford Escape
2012 Ford Focus
2013 Ford Docus
2014 Ford Focus
2015 Ford Focus
2015 Ford Mustang
2015 Lincoln MKC
2014 Ford Transit Connect
2015 Ford Transit Connect
2016 Ford Transit Connect

The recall, initiated at the request of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has now affected roughly 2.4 million vehicles in the past month, resulting in a $640 million loss for the company. In many respects, this recall is one of the big reasons the company has suffered a downright catastrophic August.

Of course, the fix is apparently a relatively easy one for Ford owners, as dealers simply have to repair the pawl spring tab on the doors. Still, it’s going to be pricey for the company, and a major hit to the brand.

Ford Recalls 1.5 Million Cars Over Doors Flying Open

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