Ford Motor Company Outlines Ambitious ‘City of Tomorrow’ Plan

Ford Motor Company isn’t just about cars. They’re looking ahead to the future of urban living, as they focus on mobility in major metropolitan areas. Basically, Ford is looking to create the City of Tomorrow by making mobility easier than ever before, whether you own a car of your own or not.

According to the statement, Ford’s vision is “to help make people’s lives better by changing the way the world moves with world-class vehicles, mobility services and a wider range of transportation solutions.” These services will include, for example, “Advanced transportation operating systems that more robustly and seamlessly integrate data from all aspects of the ecosystem. This includes vehicles, bikes, drones and mass transit as well as street lights, parking meters and charging infrastructure.”

Ford is also looking into systems for “flexible traffic management coupled with autonomous vehicles”?and an initiative to convert road space into green space and parks.

“Ford’s City of Tomorrow looks at how near-term mobility advancements?—?including autonomous and electric vehicles, ride-sharing and ride hailing and connected vehicles?—?interact with urban infrastructure and create a transportation ecosystem,” Ford’s statement reads.

You can read the full statement here, if you want to learn more about all this. It’s pretty interesting, and also really ambitious, considering Ford already has a lot on its plate. For instance, the big buzz coming out of the North American International Auto Show is the return of the Ford Ranger and Bronco trucks returning in 2019. But this City of Tomorrow plan seems like a good thing, and a move towards advancing the modernity of the auto industry. So here’s hoping Ford can pull this off.

Ford Motor Company Outlines Ambitious 'City of Tomorrow'

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