Ford Chairman Meets With Donald Trump

Bill Ford Jr. is the great-grandson of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford. He’s also the current executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company. So there’s no one better to hold a meeting with Donald Trump about Ford’s policies. As it turns out, this is exactly what happened, as Ford confirmed that he met with Trump to talk about the presidential candidate‚Äôs criticism of the company’s investments in Mexico.

In an interview at the Economic Club of Washington, Ford confirmed that he met with Trump, in large part to correct some misconceptions Trump has about what Ford’s investments in Mexico actually mean. And it makes sense to have the meeting now, since Trump has already threatened to levy huge tariffs on Ford imports from Mexico if elected.

“I’ve had a very good meeting with him,” Ford said of Trump. “He’s a very good listener and he knows the facts.”

Ford Chairman Meets With Donald Trump

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With that having been said, Ford seems to anticipate that Trump will continue attacking his company.

“The campaign trail is a different animal than anything I’m ever familiar with, so whatever he’s saying he’s going to say, I suppose,” Ford added. “But the facts, in my mind, speak for themselves.”

Ford emphasized that no U.S. jobs would be lost due to the move of small-car production to Mexico. While production of the Focus and the C-Max will be headed to Mexico in 2018, Ford is preserving the jobs in the Michigan plant where the cars had previously been produced, while also creating 2,800 more jobs.

“I would like to think Ford is everything that should be celebrated about what’s right with the country,” Ford concluded. “We didn’t go bankrupt, we paid back our loans, we did it the old-fashioned way, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.”

So while it’s uncertain if Ford successfully changed Trump’s mind about Ford’s Mexico business, the fact that there’s an open dialogue at all seems promising. Of course, it’s more cautious optimism than anything else, since there’s no way of telling if Trump will back off Ford until he actually speaks out publicly. This Sunday’s second U.S. Presidential Debate could be illuminating, in that regard. I suppose we’ll see in a few days.

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