Ford CEO Vows To Sell Driverless Cars By 2025

Driverless cars are on the way from Ford Motor Company, and their CEO expects it could be as soon as 2025.

Ford CEO Mark Fields delivered a speech on Monday at the company headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, noting that the goal is to offer robot taxis and ride-hailing services by 2021, before making the driverless cars available to purchase by 2025.

“We’re dedicated to putting autonomous vehicles on the road for millions of people, not just those who can afford luxury cars,” Fields declared.

Fields went on to detail how the driverless cars will be the future of the automotive industry.

“Think about all the things you can do when you don’t have to be focused on driving,” Fields said. “You can design lots of things, using the interior for a lot of different use cases.”

Ford CEO Vows To Sell Driverless Cars By 2025

Source: YouTube

Granted, investors haven’t always been thrilled about Ford’s dedication to driverless cars, presumably because there’s an expectation that the company is diverting resources from its primary moneymakers at the moment. For instance, a recent recall of over 1 million vehicles due to faulty door latches led to disastrous earnings in August.

Still, Fields appears to be viewing this as a “slow and steady wins the race” sort of situation, stating that while others may be more active about revealing the fruits of their autonomous driver systems, that doesn’t actually mean rival companies are actually ready to put their cars out on the road.

“We’ve been at this, guys, for over 10 years now, don’t confuse activity with progress,” Fields said of competitors. “Being in the forefront is important. We may not be first, but when we do come out with it, we want to make sure that it’s accessible to millions.”

What do you think? Should Ford focus more on driverless cars, or turn their attention back to the products that brought’em to the dance? Sound off in the comments!

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