Ford Calls Out Tesla, Promises ‘Full Autonomy Within Five Years’

Ford has been struggling to keep up with Tesla in the race to fully autonomous cars. But they’re not actually as far behind as reports would suggest, as the company is calling Tesla Motors out.

Ford has announced its intention to begin mass producing autonomous cars within five years. And not just cars with driver assist technology. No, Ford is intending to have full autonomy, with no driver input whatsoever. It seems like a pretty daunting task, but Ford President and CEO Mark Fields is confident the company can meet the self-imposed 2021 deadline.

“Ford will be mass-producing vehicles with full autonomy within five years,” Fields declared. “That means there will be no steering wheel, no gas pedals and no brake pedals. A driver is not going to be required.”

That last remark reads as a subtle dig at Tesla in particular, as driver issues seemed to be at fault with their semi-autonomous Autopilot system being involved in several accidents this year. But hey, competition within the industry is healthy for the consumer, so long as the end product isn’t rushed to market before it’s properly tested. For his part, Tesla CEO Elon Musk states autonomous Tesla cars will be on the road by 2018. So the race for full autonomy could mean the future arrives for consumers sooner than expected. That said, I love driving, so autonomous cars will never be for me.

Ford Calls Out Tesla, Promises 'Full Autonomy Within Five Years'

Source: YouTube

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