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‘Food Network Star’ Contestant Christie Codd and Husband Murdered, Suspect Arrested

A tragic story coming out of North Carolina, as missing Food Network Star contestant Cristie Schoen Codd and her husband Joseph Codd have been found dead, the victims of a gruesome killing.

Cristie Codd, 38, was a finalist on Season 8 of Food Network Star, and while she didn’t win the season, things were still looking up for she and her husband. Not only were they expecting a child together, but Codd was also set to begin filming a movie in Biloxi, Mississippi. However, family members reported the couple missing on March 15, and the resulting search ended in tragedy, as they appear to have been the victims of a burglary gone wrong.

Robert Jason Owens has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of murder of an unborn child. In addition, he’s charged with breaking and entering, as well as larceny for stealing multiple items from the Codd home, including jewelry, a laptop, and a handgun. Owens was arrested by Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office deputies in Leicester, N.C., and while the D.A. has not made any announcements as to whether or not they’ll be seeking the death penalty in the case, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if this case went capital, considering the horrific nature of what Owens did.

But regardless of how the case pans out, this is a heartbreaking situation. Codd may not have been in the spotlight, but she was a lot more than just a reality TV show contestant. She was a talented chef, a wife, a mother…from all reports, she was a lovely person, which makes her death all the more devastating. And the fact that she was pregnant makes this revolting.

Our condolences go out to Christie and Joseph’s family and friends during this trying time. We can only hope that the couple, and their unborn child, are at peace.

'Food Network Star' Contestant Christie Codd and Husband Murdered, Suspect Arrested

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