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Fluffy Golden Chow Chow Puppies Are Absolutely Precious (VIDEO)

If you saw two Golden Chow Chow puppies, you could be forgiven for mistaking them for bear cubs. But nope. They’re domesticated dogs who just happen to be the fluffiest little monsters you can find without going to a Build-A-Bear Workshop.

In this video, we meet a pair Golden Chow Chow puppies who are almost supernaturally fluffy. Seriously, how do you even groom these two?! They’re insanely cute as is, but the fluffy fur puts them over-the-top. These guys are downright precious, and look playful as all get-out. I would imagine a lot of grooming goes in to keeping this look, but it’s certainly worth it when you see how this adorable pair cleans up. You can watch the video below:

Fluffy Golden Chow Chow Puppies Are Absolutely Precious (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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