Floyd Mayweather Wants UFC Star Jon Jones In His Camp (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather is a boastful boxing star, even in retirement. But even in the face of rumors that he’ll fight UFC star Conor McGregor, Mayweather continues commenting on the MMA community. In this video, he makes a point of stating his hope that Jon “Bones” Jones will join his camp.

“Of course,” Mayweather declared, after being asked if Jones should join the Money Team. “I mean, there couldn’t be a better team than the ‘Money Team.’”

More specifically, Mayweather is reaching out to Jones to presumably help him in his training for his fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.

“Jon Jones, I’ll be [out] to see you in a couple weeks in Albuquerque, N.M., in training camp,” Mayweather added. “I stood behind you when you went through a little roller coaster ride. Everyone turned their back on you. We’re still here for you.”

You can watch the video of Mayweather’s interview below:

Floyd Mayweather Wants UFC Star Jon Jones In His Camp (VIDEO)

What do you think about Jon Jones potentially joining Money Team? Is that a move he should make or should he steer clear of Mayweather? Sound off in the comments!

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