Floyd Mayweather Demands Manny Pacquiao Get His Cup Inspected

With “The Fight of the Century” scheduled for this Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather has his mind set on Manny Pacquiao’s crotch.

More specifically, he’s concerned about Pacquiao’s protective cup.

Mayweather’s camp demanded Pacquiao get inspected in a locker room by Nevada State Athletic Commission to prove his protective cup sits at the right level on his crotch. The concern was that if the cup was riding too high, it would negate all body shots.

Floyd Mayweather Demands Manny Pacquiao Get His Cup Inspected


Of course, there are accusations of ulterior motives flying around for Mayweather’s latest gripe.

Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, thinks Mayweather is trying to put off the fight through minor complaints like this, since these sorts of quibbles have apparently been part of an ongoing campaign of nitpicking from Mayweather’s camp.

“I don’t think any fighter is afraid but I don’t think he wanted this fight,” Roach said of Mayweather. “He was forced into a fight he didn’t want to take.”

The boxing trainer went on to recount the nature of the cup inspection.

“They made a protest about Manny’s cup. They came to training this week, inspected it and approved it. The commissioner marked it and signed it to make sure it’s the one he’s wearing on the night. But it’s the regular cup.”

So the plastic covering Pacquiao’s crotch is now commission-approved, meaning the fight is still on for Saturday night. Yeah, there’s nothing like the big fight atmosphere to bring out the inherent craziness and showbiz insanity of boxing. It’s like pro wrestling, but somehow livelier.

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