First Official Image of New ‘Ghostbusters’ Released (PHOTO)

The first official image of the new Ghostbusters has been released! Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are suited up and ready to go!

This movie has been catching a lot of hell from Ghostbusters diehards due to the new cast and the paranoid idea that this reboot will somehow ruin the originals, but I honestly couldn’t be more excited for this. The first official promotional image for the new movie suggests that this will have the same quirky, ridiculous spirit of the original. It certainly helps that they’ve got four talented funny ladies in the role (I know people are down on Jones, but I think she’s genuinely hilarious on SNL, and could be one of the breakouts of this movie). Check out the full photo below:

First Official Image of New 'Ghostbusters' Released (PHOTO)

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