FIRST LOOK: Daniel Craig in New James Bond Movie, ‘Spectre’

James Bond is suiting up for his 24th big screen outing, the hotly-anticipated Spectre. The film features Daniel Craig returning as 007 for the fourth time. However, while the spy shenanigans are likely old hat for Craig, I can’t imagine it’s all that pleasant to be in freezing temperatures in what appears to be less-than-insulated clothing, as evidenced by the first look photo for the movie.

In the picture, Bond is in a snowy locale, doing Lord only knows what (probably James Bond things). But if it’s cold and uncomfortable in this shot, Craig certainly isn’t leading on. He looks cool as a cucumber in his black goggles, gun at the ready, and prepped posture. Hopefully, this pic means more varied locales for Spectre than we got with Skyfall, which was a well-traveled movie in its own right. Regardless of the locales, this could end up being the most monumental film of Craig’s run, as the prevailing rumor is that this movie marks the return of a classic Bond villain of old: Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Of course, while that isn’t confirmed, there’s enough anticipation building for this movie that I’m not sure it’s going to matter if Blofeld is the true identity of the character Christoph Waltz is playing or not. Spectre is going to be HUGE.

Check out the first look photo at Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre:

FIRST LOOK Daniel Craig in New James Bond Movie, 'Spectre'

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