First Impressions: New Ultra-thin MacBook (VIDEO)

Technology blogger Marques Brownlee walks us through the new Apple MacBook introduced on Monday. It’s so thin!

I love how Marques thoroughly explains the features of this new device.

This MacBook is so thin, there is only room for a single proprietary external connection.

Personally, I was hoping for a touchscreen and a stronger processor.

“It’s a glorified tablet connected to a keyboard,” says MKBHD. “People will buy it for how pretty it looks.”

I agree. Apple made a revelation this week, which I have known for a few years now buying Apple products: They are a company of style, not substance. Once upon a time, the company focused on computing. Now, it’s all about marketing, marketing, marketing. There is no other reason to justify the $10,000 price for some of the Apple Watches they introduced yesterday. Apparently, us normal folk, who bought somewhat reasonably priced iPhones through the years which turned Apple into the biggest company in the world, are no longer their target market. This new MacBook starting at $1299 is another example. I see no reason to buy this thing on specs. The reason is simply it’s the latest product from Apple. It will be worthless in a few months when the new “sexy” product comes along.

Watch the video here:

First Impressions- New Ultra-thin MacBook (VIDEO)

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