Final ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer Hypes Netflix Premiere (VIDEO)

Luke Cage is coming to Netflix, and the final trailer is hyping the release of the show this Friday, September 30!

Naturally, the Marvel show is pretty intense, and just as mature as its Netflix cousins, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. But I’m not sure I realized how crazy this show would be until this trailer. People being thrown out windows! Goons being chucked at cars! Explosions! Rocket launchers! Method Man! It’s all here, and it’s all AWESOME! Seriously, this is one of my most anticipated Netflix shows of the year, and it’s looking like it has potential to live up to the hype. Watch the final trailer for Luke Cage by checking out the video below:

Final 'Luke Cage' Trailer Hypes Netflix Premiere (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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