Final ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Shows Us Dr. Doom (VIDEO)

Fantastic Four hits theaters in less than a month, so we’re finally getting a look at Dr. Doom in the final trailer released by Fox.

The trailer gives us a bit of the motivation of Dr. Doom in this particular iteration, as it appears he wants to pull everyone into the Negative Zone, which would explain all of the formerly volcanic red backgrounds from the original trailer suddenly being changed to green, although I suppose that — much like Earth — the Negative Zone is a land of many colors. Of course, I could just be misreading Doom’s intentions. For all I know, he just wants to reduce the world to ash. But that’d be a fairly cliche motivation, all things considered. Either way, this is a pretty cool clip, all things considered, as we get references to everything from the Fantasticar to Reed’s lifelong attempts at achieving interdimensional travel. Watch the full video below:

Final 'Fantastic Four' Trailer Shows Us Dr. Doom (VIDEO)

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.

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And for the sake of comparison, check out the premiere trailer for Fantastic Four!

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