Fifth Harmony Releases ‘That’s My Girl’ Music Video

Fifth Harmony is keeping the momentum from their strong summer showing, between “Work From Home” and “All In My Head (Flex)”, by releasing the music video to their newest single from 7/27, “That’s My Girl”.

Directed by previous collaborator and VMA winner Hannah Lux Davis, who filmed the group’s videos for “Miss Movin’ On” and “Me & My Girls”, the music video is sort of like a Young Adult novel/movie in action, focusing on young women in a dystopian world. It’s got some pretty cool visuals, and the girls themselves sound great. Seriously, this song is catchy as hell, keeping up with the trend of 7/27 being loaded with earworms. Of course, I’m not sure I’d have it any other way. Watch the video below:

Fifth Harmony Releases 'That's My Girl' Music Video

Source: YouTube

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